Tenuta Fornace

The story of Tenuta Fornace is one that spans generations. The family has been cultivating grapes since the early 19th century in Lombardia. All since, chemical fertilisers or pesticides have never touched their vineyards.  

The first time we got in touch with Tenuta Fornace, it was not Andrea Rossi we met, but his two daughters. Both daughters are born and raised on the vineyards. Their child drawings are even used as labels on the bottles. Being grown up now, they are serious in sales and helping on the farm.

Some months later, we drove to Lombardia to fill our tanks with the TantaRoba, a blend of Cortese and Timorasso. It was 9 pm when we finally finished the job. We were warmly invited to their family dinner. A table full with people, wine and orecchiette made by nonna.