Ever thought about the impact of buying a bottle of wine? Glass has one of the largest carbon footprints among packaging materials. This is due to the intensive production and recycling process. Besides that, the transport of wine in a glass bottle doubles volume and weight.

As climate change is lurking, we cannot ignore this problem. Wine bottles are in the top 3 of most common glass waste of a house hold. There is huge impact to be made!

How? We have set up a circular system that allows for efficient transport and reusability of the wine bottle.

Check out how we function, which impact we make, with who we work, what we still need to do, and how you can join our mission.

Let's keep it circling! Cheers!

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We want you to realise what you drink and what its impact is. We want you to drink responsible. Not only for your body, but also for the earth. We want you to tell the story, about the bottle, about the wine maker, about the system change.

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