step into the circle

Do you have or are you working for a bar or restaurant in Berlin?

Join our mission by becoming a Cantina alla Spina Partner.

the process

  • you taste & choose

    We will bring you samples to taste and tell you the story of our wines and bottles in person.
  • we deliver

    Once you have placed an order, we will deliver the wines by our bike. You pay a deposit for the bottle
  • your guests cheer

    As first-mover, you have a story to tell at the table. Crazy good wines but also a crazy good mission
  • we pick-up & clean

    We pick-up the bottles when empty and your deposit will be returned. We take care of the cleaning

"Quality is the foundation of Cantina alla Spina. But there is more than just the quality, it is the complete picture, the circle."

  • a story to tell

    We offer complete transparency in our supply chain. This also includes the story of the farmer: who has put which love into the wine for what reason at which location. A story to tell at the table.

  • a solution to offer

    We source directly from our bio and natural wineries, which not only decreases transport emissions but also costs: we are able to carry out the return operation, you don't pay extra.

  • a first-mover potential

    Selling wine in a reusable bottle is not common (yet). As first adapter, you act as example in the industry and customers will know where to find you. It not only saves you effort, you actually reduce waste.