system change is needed

1. glass is unsustainable

Recycled or not, glass bottles have one of the largest carbon footprints among packaging materials due to the huge amount of energy needed to produce and recycle.

2. a glass bottle is heavy and inefficient for transport.

Although grapes can only be produced in certain regions, the bottle does not. By bottling in the region where the wine is produced, transportation is more than doubled.

3. glass is perfectly suitable for reuse

it is resistance to high temperatures and to water, the firm material prevents bacteria from growing on the surface, and the glass cannot discolour.

the wine of the future

reusable bottles

Our reusable wine bottle stays for multiple life cycles in our own network through the use of a deposit system. You return the bottle, we take care of the rest.

organic wines

Organic viticulture is better for soil life, groundwater, and biodiversity. Our partner winemakers have the same passion as we do, and want to ensure this for the generations to come!

smart transport

A wine bottle is heavy and space inefficient. We therefore want to reduce the distance that the bottle needs to travel. The wine is imported from Italy, but the bottle stays within our country: minimising transport emissions by local bottling and washing.

la nostra storia


With a background in Supply Chain Management, Evy knows how to increase efficiencies and sustainability in the network. As coordinator of the operations, she knows how to manage the complete portfolio of forward and return flows.



Max, a.k.a. Massimo, has an Italian heart and loves to drive around in the Pandino to visit the winemakers to build up a relationship for the future. Besides that, Max likes to strategically map the future of Cantina alla Spina.



We want to invite you to our world. A world where things keep circling. Where thoughts get turned into change, and where change is turned into the new standard.

Get behind the scenes, see how our wine is produced, see who bottles our bottles and notice our impact.

We invite you to share your vision, your thoughts, your ideas, your creativity, and your feedback with us.